What's your story?  It's your account of how you turn ideas into realities, challenges into achievements, discoveries into new directions.  It hooks your audience and gives them reason to care.  The process to uncover your story is terrifically engaging.


Every business has a story. 

In a world of choice, your story tells how you're different and why that makes you the better choice.  But audiences are so easily distracted.  It takes skill to hold people's attention long enough to inspire them to action.

That's our skill as strategic storytellers.


Like a show, a story must go on — and evolve.  While not everyone is a natural strategic storyteller, everyone on my team is.  We tell your story for you, or we train you to do it.

Done right, storytelling activates an "on" switch in the listener's brain.  We develop the stories to keep your audiences hooked on your content, presentations, speeches, pitches, articles, emails, posts, blogs, podcasts, webinars, tweets...


Let’s tell yours.

"Gene Hayden is enormously talented at telling the story of what makes us different from our competition — our heart, our vision, our challenges, our insights, our aspirations.  She captures our unique story for our employees, candidates, and clients.  As a result, people know us better, relate to us more, trust and turn to us first  — and we continue to lead in our field."    

Geoff Bagg, CEO, The Bagg Group

Strategic Storytelling to Power Your Business

A great story inspires people, builds brands, grows sales.